As a builder of Tiny Houses, friends have asked me who my target customer is. What does the typical Tiny House buyer look like? Since beginning this amazing journey, I’ve concluded that the answer to the questions is . . . there is no typical Tiny House buyer. The people we have met who are dreaming about owning their own Tiny House are as varied and interesting as the flora on display in Seattle’s world famous Washington Park Arboretum. (Is that a stretch? Maybe.)

Jaytech Designs

We are having an absolute blast meeting people from around the Pacific Northwest and have learned that there are as many reasons to own a Tiny House as there are varieties of ferns in Washington State. (There are a lot.) To highlight a few:

  • A family who purchased land and wants to live on the property while they build their not-so-Tiny House. Once built, the Tiny House will become a mother-in-law
  • A young couple just out of college who plans to start small and avoid the oppressive debt of a typical Seattle home
  • Recent empty nesters who are ready to move full-time onto their vacation property in the San Juan Islands
  • A homeowner whose backyard provides the perfect place for a Tiny House rental
  • An interior designer whose Tiny House will be a canvas to showcase her creative skills
  • A self-proclaimed minimalist who is pushing himself to reduce his footprint and live more simply

Each of these people has a great story and it’s exciting to think that something we create might be a meaningful part of his or her next chapter. So my question to others who are considering the Tiny House path is, ‘Who are you and how might a Tiny House help you live an incredible adventure?’