Tiny Houses


High Quality

All of our cottage components are of the highest quality building materials. We insist  on using only premium building and construction materials.  Full insulation packages, premium insulated windows and doors, double vapor barriers and more are standard! Our goal is that every cottage will be a unique, energy efficient, highly insulated “green” solution for your living, working or relaxation space needs.

Versatile & Eco-friendly

Every cottage is designed to be “portable” and mounted on a new trailer system.   Only your imagination can limit how you can use your cottage:

* Guest House
* Mother-in-law
* Art Studio
* Home Office
* Airbnb


Carriage Houses NW cottages are very competitively priced relative to other high quality Tiny House options. Many cottages of similar size are priced in the $50,000 – $70,000 range. An important part of our mission is to provide high quality custom built cottages for about half of that price. Our prices include a durable steel construction, dual axle trailer.

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