10 Building Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Space

May 2021 Newsletter

10 Building Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Space

Wanting to change up your backyard? Add a new space that is separate from your home? Looking to make some extra income? We thought we’d share some building ideas to help transform your backyard space! Check them out below and let us know what you think!

1 + 2:  Air BNB/Rental
Looking to make some extra income or to offer an affordable housing solution for someone else? Air BNB’s and rental tiny homes/DADUs are great additions to backyards! Check out why our customers, Anne and Alberta, chose to build a DADU as an affordable housing solution.

3. MIL House
You’ve heard of mother-in-law suites… how about a mother-in-law house? 

4. Office/Study Space
Many of us have spent the better part of the past year working and learning from home. Having a separate space that is quiet and separated from your home is a nice way to keep work and school separate from home life. 

5. Art Studio
Visualize this space with us: Along one wall, your canvases, sketchbooks, past projects, all neatly lined up and organized. Along another wall, your paints, paintbrushes, pencils, pastel colors. Photographs and commissioned paintings from friends adorn the walls between the large, open windows that allow sunlight to flood the space. 
Check out this art studio we built for one of our customers.

6. Music Studio
This could be a recording studio, a place to play instruments for fun or practice with the band, or a space to teach music lessons. 

7. Writer’s Retreat
Picture a quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of the household and daily life. A place where you can open the windows and hear the birds splashing in the birdbath or the breeze rustling the tree branches while you brainstorm ideas for your next novel or poem. This is your space for writing. Who knows, maybe you’ll write the next great novel in a tiny house?

8. Yoga/Meditation Studio
Peace, room to breathe, and just be. There might be a small zen waterfall in one corner and dim lighting throughout. Double doors open up onto a patio, so you can bring your practice outdoors on nice days. The energy here is what you cultivate for yourself during your practice. 

9. Workshop
A space for woodworkers, metal workers, and more. Shelving throughout to keep tools organized. Built-in cabinets for storing chemicals safely. A workbench that folds out from the wall to create more work space and a covered outdoor patio area for additional work space.

10. She Shed
A place away from, well, everything to go relax and rejuvenate…Enough said. 😉 See the she-shed we built to the right:

“We hope you’ll join us virtually on Tuesday, May 25th at 12:15 p.m. (PDT) for the Orting Veterans Village Grand Opening Celebration! Registration is free, so be sure to share the page to your friends and family.

Save the link because our live-streamed event will be on the same page. Thank you to everyone that has supported this village. It has been a true community effort, and we are so excited to officially open our doors to 35 homeless veterans of Pierce county!”

-Quixote Communities

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