August 2020 Newsletter

We have had quite a bit going on this past month!

displays veteren village tiny homes under construction

Check out our updates below – we’ve been keeping busy and are feeling thankful. We’d like to thank you for your continued support this year.

Orting Veteran’s Village

Floors for the community building.

Floors for the community building.

Floors for the community building.

We are in the process of building the first six houses for the thirty-five home Orting Veteran’s Village for Quixote Communities as well as a community center. Each house is 160 square feet and the ADA houses are 200 square feet. Both plans have a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower, water heater, sink, and toilet. The community center will have laundry facilities, a kitchen, a multi-purpose room, a living room with a wood-burning fireplace, two bathrooms with bathtubs, office space for the social workers, and storage.



To learn more about Quixote Communities, click HERE.

Another take on the Big Little Barn, our Tiny Home Model

Instead of loft space, this BLB has a bedroom area on the first floor, as requested by the customer. Other features include a combo washer/dryer unit, large bathroom, two sets of exterior doors, and a built-in eating space.

Living tiny doesn’t mean having to forgo necessities for space; it simply means using that space in a smarter way!

BLB corner showerBLB kitchen

BLB toilet and washer/dryer

BLB slider door + living room area









Employee Spotlight: Bill Page, Factory Floor Manager


This month’s spotlight is on our Factory Floor Manager Bill Page, a key member of our management team. When we hired him, Bill described himself as a jack of all trades and we are certainly benefitting from that! He leads crews, provides systems, schedule and inventory management, as well as rolling up his sleeves and helping with all aspects of building & manufacturing. He served in the United States Navy, entirely oversees on the 6th Fleet Admiral’s staff, where he got to see over 20 different countries. We thank you for your service to our country Bill! Following his military service, he joined US West and spent over 20 years with the company as a telecommunications lineman. Bill is married to his wife Jenn and outside of work, he enjoys golf, boating and spending time with family. Thank you for joining our team Bill and here’s to many years of great partnership!