CHNW Featured in Redfin – Downsizing

Check out what CHNW, along with other tiny house and minimalist experts, had to say about downsizing in this Redfin article!

“Whether you’re looking to move into a tiny home, van, or just trying to optimize your current space, we believe these expert tips will guide your downsizing journey.”

“When our tiny house customers ask us to build in storage systems, I always encourage them to begin living in the space before permanently committing to the location of their storage. After you begin using your new space, you get a better feel for which areas can be used for short-term storage and long-term storage (and maybe even which items you no longer need). Once you’ve determined that, you may decide to have storage built-in, or often you can find great storage solutions at IKEA at a fraction of the cost of built-ins.” – Carriage Houses NW

Thanks @redfin and Mike Cahall for including us in this article.