CHNW Newsletter – October 2021

We have a new manufacturing relationship!

CHNW is excited to announce that this summer, we began manufacturing backyard offices for an amazing company called Mini O!  Mini O sells their backyard offices all throughout the United States and Canada. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Customers can choose to add cool features like solar power, home gym setup, bathroom and even an exterior spiral staircase to a rooftop deck! Their business is really beginning to take off and is becoming a significant part of the construction we’re doing in our Marysville factory. We’re honored to have been chosen by Mini O as a manufacturing partner and we look forward to a great relationship for years to come. Go to their website and check out their awesome home offices!

Mini O’s website:

Check out the video below to see some of the Mini O’s we’ve been working on:

The Magellan Tiny House

We are under way with the first THOW we created in partnership with Magellan Architects. Magellan is an award-winning architectural firm in Redmond WA and we’re working closely with Magellan owner Pedro Castro on the build-out. Stay tuned as we share progress on social media and future newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I legally place a tiny house?

It depends on if you are doing a house on wheels or on a foundation. A house on wheels can be placed anywhere an RV can and follows RV parking and dwelling codes. A house on a foundation will depend on what is already on the lot and the local codes governing accessory dwelling units. The overwhelming majority of jurisdictions allow accessory dwelling units.

Email us at with your address and we’ll be happy to take a look to see if it’s possible to build an ADU on your property.

How big can they be?

Our current approved models for tiny houses on wheels range from 22’ – 30’ in length and 8 ½’ to 10’ wide. For tiny houses on foundation, sizes can be much larger and depend on lot sizes and local jurisdictions.

Email us at with your address and we can tell you how big your ADU/tiny house can be. 

How much do tiny houses cost?

For a general overview of costs, please visit our pricing page on Pricing can vary depending on specific design and aesthetic choices as well as appliance options. 

Email us at so we can talk through the options you want and get you a more specific quote.

Want Us to Build You Something Cool?

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