How does CHNW move and install a DADU?

This is an excellent question that we are often asked.

A DADU (backyard cottage/tiny house on foundation) is a detached accessory dwelling unit, for those unfamiliar with the acronym. Different than a THOW (tiny house on wheels), a DADU is not built to be permanently on a trailer and is not RV or Park Model RV certified (like our THOW models). A DADU is built to be permanently placed on a foundation on someone’s property, through a permitting and approval process via the local jurisdiction.

We either build DADUs up at our shop in Marysville or on-site, depending on the customer’s preference as well as any another pertinent logistical issues. If the DADU is built at our shop, the foundation and other site work must be completed before it can be moved. We are general contractors and are able to do this or another GC can be hired for the site work. When it is time to move the DADU, it is placed on a trailer, pulled by a truck to its new home, and placed on cribbing (temporary structures). The trailer is then removed from beneath it and the home is secured permanently. Following this, electric and plumbing is hooked up and final inspections take place.

Here is a recent DADU we finished for a customer who lives in Everett. We built the DADU at our workshop and transported it to it’s new home this past Monday.

DADU under construction
Early construction of the DADU at our shop in Marysville
DADU under construction
Continued construction of the DADU at our shop in Marysville
DADU being moved on trailer
DADU being moved to its new home in Everett via truck and trailer
DADU being propped up on cribbing
DADU being propped up on cribbing
Trailer being pulled out from beneath DADU.
Trailer being removed from beneath DADU

We have been asked by people if we can move the DADU into its new spot using a crane. And the answer is: Yes, yes we can. It’s quite a sight to see! Here is a DADU we built for a customer who lives in Seward Park.

DADU being moved via crane.
DADU being moved to its new home via crane (Seward Park)

We hope this article gives you a better idea of how DADUs are moved and installed.

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Are you wondering about processes/what you can build in your jurisdiction? Check out this comprehensive list we made of helpful resources.

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