July 2020 Newsletter

We’re back!

Where has “tiny” taken us lately?

Tiny Homes for LIHI
We are very humbled by the opportunity to work with the Low Income Housing Institute. They do great work to support the income insecure in our community and are one of the largest providers of Tiny House village shelters in the nation. Their goal is to ensure that people’s “experience in homelessness is as safe, dignified, and brief as possible”. We recently built and delivered ten Tiny Homes to the Tacoma Tiny House Village and will be building ten more tiny homes to go to an undetermined location.

An Update on the 35 Tiny Homes we are building for the Orting Veteran’s Village (Created by Quixote Communities):

We are ordering materials and are starting construction within the next few weeks! Stay tuned for photos and updates.

For more information about the Veteran’s Village, please visit: http://www.quixotecommunities.org/orting-veterans-village.html
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In case you missed it!

We were recently featured in a Redfin article about how to downsize into a smaller space! Check it out!

Other Recent Projects + Updates

Foundation forms and rebar going in for an 800 sq ft home addition and a 500 sq ft detached studio.
Our favorite shed went to its new home recently! We are so excited for Alicia! Congratulations!
Excited customers getting ready to take their DADU “home”! Congratulations to Ann and Roberta!

Employee Spotlight:
Todd Gunderson, Manufacturing Manager

We’re focusing our employee spotlight this month on Todd Gunderson, our awesome Manufacturing Manager! As our company continued to grow, it was obvious that we needed expertise in true manufacturing and Todd brings a wealth of it. This year in particular we are focusing on production efficiencies as we build 20 houses for the Low Income Housing Institute and 35 cottages for the Orting Veteran’s Village created by Quixote Communities. This requires us to maximize efficiencies across all aspects of our business: use of space, materials ordering and handling, workforce deployment, reporting and quality control to name a few. Todd’s background in manufacturing for several electronics corporations has helped us systematize our efforts. This organization has helped us thrive where we would’ve otherwise struggled in chaos. Todd is usually the first one on the floor and the last one to leave. He’s a problem solver and great team member. Outside of work, Todd enjoys music and the great outdoors and is a husband and the proud father of a human services major and an aspiring actor.