Accessory Dwelling Units


Create value + opportunity
right in your own backyard

Carriage Houses NW builds beautiful, functional ADUS.

We’re big fans of their original name, Carriage Houses! They are also known as Laneway Houses, Granny Flats and Mother-In-Law Units. Whatever you prefer to call it, a Carriage House is designed to provide extra space, whether added onto your home, or separate from your primary residence.

With home prices continuing to soar to record highs, there are many reasons to consider an ADU. In our experience, the top 3 reasons are: 

  • Rental income
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • Home office (especially in these times when so many people are working from home)

Whatever your needs are, we can help! There’s a lot to consider and you want a partner with experience building and placing ADUs: from site research and plans, to permits, foundations, design and construction. It can be daunting to think about all these variables. Carriage Houses NW has helped many customers through this maze and we would love to help you as well!

For more detailed information on standard features and upgrades, click the ADU button below.

DADU kitchen
backyard cottage with murphy bed
DADU  interior
DADU home show
DADU siding
cottage kitchen
cottage living space
DADU quartz
CHNW detached accessory dwelling unit
exterior ADU drawing
exterior ADU drawing
exterior ADU drawing
exterior ADU drawing
rendering of ADU exterior

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26' x 10' Floor Plan

floor plan for 26' x 10' ADU

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