The Magellan Series

Award Winning Design

Seattle Pre-approved DADU

Carriage Houses NW obtained an exclusive agreement with esteemed architectural firm Magellan Architects to build backyard cottages and tiny houses. Magellan is a Bellevue-based firm whose MADADU design was a winner in the City of Seattle’s DADU design contest. As a result of the win, that floor plan is pre-approved by the city, which results in a quicker permitting process. Magellan’s designs are recognized for their:

  • Low cost options
  • Green building + design concepts
  • Constructability
  • Privacy + Context

In addition to the MADADU, the firm has designed several tiny houses on wheels and backyard cottages exclusively for Carriage Houses NW. Review their unique designs and floor plans in the slides to the right. We’re excited to partner with Magellan and we’d love to build one of their amazing designs for you. Let’s get started.

    rendering of seattle architect's winning model

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    Floor Plan – MAWA -004

    DADU Marysville wa