February Updates: The Orting Veteran’s Village project comes to a close…

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Our shop is basically empty of projects for the first time in months! CHNW is taking a quick nap for the first two weeks of March because our dedicated crew has been working hard to complete the Orting Veterans Village project. It’s time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

The last four tiny homes for the Orting Veteran’s Village are being delivered this weekend. We built 35 tiny homes for the Orting Veteran’s Village as well as a Community Building. The village is expected to open soon and we are very excited for the veterans who will get to use the space.

Micah, Kurt, Todd, and Marko at the Orting Veterans Village
Micah, Kurt, Todd, and Marko at the Orting Veterans Village site a few weeks ago.

The United Group Visited CHNW…

The United Group Visited CHNW

The United Group recently came to visit CHNW and wrote this very kind article: 

We’ve got a missional aspect to our company, that we want to be involved in all aspects of affordable housing and providing basic shelter is a big part of our corporate mission,” Galley said. The contract under which this project was taking place, included multiple groups, and required strict recycling provisions.

That’s where The United Group came in, with their LEED and sustainability reporting that provides accurate numbers into what is recycled, it was the only company capable of meeting those standards. The importance of sustainability is a shared belief between the two. While Carriage Houses Northwest builds in a factory to reduce the amount of waste during the building process, The United Group is able to turn that waste into opportunity.

Read the whole article + see photos on their website>>>

Beautiful Tiny Home for Sale!

One of our awesome customers, Lu, is selling her tiny home – the “Big Little Barn” model. She made a video showcasing her tiny home and how she has utilized the space with her two kids.

Click below to see her tiny home.

Interested in talking to Lu about possibly buying the home? Send her an email! lu@magnoliabanyan.com

Beautiful Tiny Home for Sale!


If you are a City of Seattle resident, check out this website – ADUniverse. It contains lots of great information about backyard cottages, which are known legally as Detatched Accessory Dwelling Units or DADUs. There are 10 pre-approved cottage designs which can be fast-tracked for approval and construction.

Quixote Communities is also currently looking for some items for their community building:

“Donate appliances today or let us know about any connection you may have to an appliance company that may be interested in donating or discounting products!
We are currently needing:
– 2 freezers
– 2 ovens/stoves
– 5 computers
– Kitchenware for 35 residents”

Donate here for the Orting Veterans Village Van Fundraiser. >>>

Village Van fundraiser!

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Want us to build you something cool?

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