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August 2020 Newsletter

We have had quite a bit going on this past month! Check out our updates below - we've been keeping busy and are feeling thankful. We'd like to thank you for your continued support this year. Orting Veteran's Village We are in the process of building the first six houses for the thirty-five home Orting Veteran's Village for Quixote Communities as well as a community center. Each house is 160 square feet and the ADA houses are 200 square feet. Both plans have a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower, water heater, sink, and toilet. The community center will [Read More]

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July 2020 Newsletter

Our July Newsletter is out and it is filled with exciting things, like recent projects and our employee spotlight this month! You can read more about our opportunity to work with the Low Income Housing Institute.  Their goal is to ensure that people’s "experience in homelessness is as safe, dignified, and brief as possible". We recently built and delivered ten Tiny Homes to the Tacoma Tiny House Village and will be building ten more tiny homes to go to an undetermined location. Please read the entire newsletter HERE. Thank you for reading! [Read More]

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CHNW Featured in Redfin – Downsizing

Check out what CHNW, along with other tiny house and minimalist experts, had to say about downsizing in this Redfin article! “Whether you’re looking to move into a tiny home, van, or just trying to optimize your current space, we believe these expert tips will guide your downsizing journey.” "When our tiny house customers ask us to build in storage systems, I always encourage them to begin living in the space before permanently committing to the location of their storage. After you begin using your new space, you get a better feel for which areas can be used for short-term [Read More]

Tiny Homes for Low Income Housing Institute

Go to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on our homeless housing and veteran's village builds. [Read More]

March 2020 Newsletter

What is our Covid-19 Response? Like everyone else on the planet, we are concerned about the virus and doing our very best to keep ourselves, our friends & family and our community safe. Some of our employees are working from home. Some have voluntarily taken time off. Those of us who are here in the shop are taking extra precautions to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. This includes daily disinfecting of all the tools and surfaces we come into contact with and plenty of hand washing. We are practicing social distancing as best we can, limiting meetings and [Read More]

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February 2020 Newsletter – Expanded Services

We are Leaping for Joy... Our Services Have Expanded! Not only do we build tiny homes and backyard cottages (DADUs), but we have expanded our services to include business-to-business solutions, general contracting services, and travel trailer options. We are excited to continue to provide quality, professional services to our clients in new capacities.           CURRENT PROJECTS Two Big Little Barn Models. Two different styles. Our customization options allow you to create your dream home.                           EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: DANIEL FROHMAN, LEAD CARPENTER   This month, [Read More]

Downsizing Your Home? Don’t Make These 11 Mistakes

Downsizing Your Home? Don’t Make These 11 Mistakes by Ryan Smith | REDFIN   Whether you’ve decided to eliminate debt from your life, or finally convert that school bus to be free to live that nomadic lifestyle on the road, you’re now ready to downsize your home. But before you start downsizing the family home, it’s important to understand that there are many potential missteps along the way. This guide will help you navigate common mistakes so that you can make the most of your new, downsized lifestyle. 1) Not setting goals before downsizing your home While the financial benefits [Read More]

Seattle Proposing a Shortcut to Backyard Cottages

The City of Seattle has taken some big steps in recent months to encourage more people to build backyard cottages. These include allowing larger cottages on smaller properties, removing the off street parking requirement and allowing both attached and detached accessory dwelling units on the same property. Now the city is announcing a move that will significantly reduce the time it takes to permit an ADU by pre-approving a small handful of tiny house/cottage plans. This move could reduce the permit process from many months down to a few weeks. Read more about this exciting development HERE. [Read More]

Our Big News: The Orting Veteran’s Village

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter - Let's start with an introduction! Carriage Houses Northwest began as a tiny home builder in Shoreline, Washington in 2016. Quickly, the company acquired a space in Everett, Washington, which it soon outgrew. Currently, we are located in Marysville, Washington. We are growing quickly and are excited to offer more and more services to our clients and community. We specialize in building park model RV certified tiny homes, backyard cottages, and other backyard spaces, such as art studios and she-sheds. We have many options to customize your home to make each tiny home a unique [Read More]

Seattle Paving the Way for More Affordable Housing Solutions

LATEST: Seattle City Council OKs more and larger backyard cottages. This has been a long time coming for Seattle and we’re thrilled with the City Council’s decision. This exciting development will increase density, preserve neighborhoods and provide more affordable housing solutions in the city. Key takeaways: Removal of the requirement for the property owner to live onsite Removal of the off street parking requirement Allowance for both a detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU) and an ADU on the same property Contact us today to discuss whether a modular cottage makes sense for your property! Read the full Seattle Times article [Read More]

That’s What She Shed

That's What She Shed! Carriage Houses NW is excited to announce this fun little addition to our lineup. Introducing a 16’ x 8’ indoor/outdoor Gardening Shed complete with a sliding barn door enclosure and a covered outdoor work space. Keep your tools and gear inside while gardening comfortably out of the sun and rain on the open-air side. Big enough for all of your essentials and then some. Store your tools, "someday soon" projects, and favorite keepsakes with extra room for a potting table and furniture to lounge on during lazy summer days or frosty winter ones. The price is [Read More]

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Carriage Houses at Willow and Pearl

Our tiny house hotel project in the beautiful town of Snohomish is moving forward. Read all about it in this week's Snohomish County Tribune!   [Read More]

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Video of Our Home Show 2019 Models

Good morning friends! Come down and see us at the Seattle Home Show running today through Sunday, March 3, 2019. We have two beautiful houses for you to view! Mondern DADU Tiny House on Wheels [Read More]

Snowmaggedon cannot stop the tiny house builder!

The Seattle Home Show is coming February 23 - March 3 at the CenturyLink Event Center! These beauties will be ready. Come to see two different models - a tiny house on wheels with upgrades installed and the Modern DADU, our newest product. The Modern DADU is a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit designed for a permanent foundation right in your own backyard.   [Read More]

CHNW Featured in the Everett Herald

Hey friends! Take a look at this article from the Everett Herald that features a couple Carriage Houses Northwest customers and their tiny homes! [Read More]

Tiny House Airbnb in Seattle

Check out our Coastal Classic model being used as an Airbnb in Greenwood! View On AirbnbTiny House in the City [Read More]

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We built tiny home shelters + mobile hygiene units

What have we been up to? So many new and exciting builds, ventures, and projects that we will be rolling out soon, as well as more of the same! We've placed homes in signature locations, as well as in "mom's back yard," we're building a tiny house hotel, and we've partnered with a seasoned local builder, Buddy Building Systems, for several special projects. You will be able to see these products in several homeless encampments throughout the greater Seattle area. With Darrel and Gary Potter, of Buddy Building Systems, we have designed and built new tiny shelters and mobile hygiene [Read More]

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High Tech Tiny at the Home Show

Check out our smart home at the Seattle Home Show!       [Read More]

Smart House + Tiny Home = Big Possibilities

Posted January 30, 2018 We are showing two tiny homes at the Seattle Home Show this year and are partnering with Market Share to bring in new technological features. One of our models will showcase smart technology, which automates household functions including lighting, heat, security, music, and more. Come to CenturyLink Event Center between February 17 and February 25, 2018, to begin dreaming about the big possibilities. Make it a family outing or a quick excursion with a friend - everyone will enjoy the adventure. [Read More]

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Tiny House Builders Celebrate One BIG Year!

Carriage Houses NW Builds Quality Affordable Tiny Houses Posted September 2, 2017 We've been building tiny houses for a little over a year and there is much to celebrate. What better way than to feature a drone video of our first tiny house! Our gray classic model is the perfect bunkhouse for our friends on Camano Island. Enjoy the breathtaking view from this drone video featured on our HOMEPAGE, or click on the image below to view the video now. [Read More]

Vision 20•20•20 – Our first Homeless Housing Build in the Books!

written by Tom Hayes Carriage Houses NW Homeless Housing Division 3-17-17 A solution to homelessness in Seattle moves forward against the odds. The city is trying to solve the crisis by allowing the construction of Tiny House Villages and a new one at Georgetown is fully underway supplying 37 living units. These secure bedrooms (usually 8’ x 12’) are designed to minimize restrictions due to building codes. The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is doing remarkable work coordinating the efforts between the city, building groups, social agencies, and the homeless. Carriage Houses NW sent a team of 6 builders to [Read More]

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Homeless Housing Initiative

Posted February 1, 2017 Carriage Houses Northwest will be providing 4 tiny house emergency shelters for a new homeless encampment being established in the Greenwood neighborhood by the Low Income Housing Institute. We are in the process of putting together teams of volunteers and construction leads for this project, which we call Vision 20•20•20. We are asking 20 people to each ask 20 friends for a $20 donation. Those same 20 people will show up on March 18th with the money they raised to build the 4 houses. Helping us greatly in this effort is Tom Hayes, a newly retired [Read More]

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Carriage Houses NW at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show

Visit us in the Tacoma Dome this week to see two of our tiny house models featured at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show. [Read more...] [Read More]

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We’re Bringing Tiny Houses to Home Shows and the Homeless in 2017

There are a lot of great things going on with Carriage Houses Northwest that we would like to share with you! Our tiny houses will be featured in two PNW home shows. We are building tiny house shelters for the homeless. And, we are expanding our product to include a new model and options for longer units. HOME SHOWS We are so excited to be a featured exhibitor at both the Seattle and Tacoma Home shows. The Tacoma Home & Garden Show runs January 26 – 29 and we will be featuring two of our eclectic backyard Cottages / Tiny [Read More]

Who is the tiny house buyer?

Who the Heck is the Tiny House Buyer, Anyway?

As a builder of Tiny Houses, friends have asked me who my target customer is. What does the typical Tiny House buyer look like? Since beginning this amazing journey, I’ve concluded that the answer to the questions is . . . there is no typical Tiny House buyer. The people we have met who are dreaming about owning their own Tiny House are as varied and interesting as the flora on display in Seattle’s world famous Washington Park Arboretum. (Is that a stretch? Maybe.) We are having an absolute blast meeting people from around the Pacific Northwest and have learned [Read More]

The Empty Warehouse

It’s easy to look at the picture below and see an empty warehouse. Bare walls, empty office, clean cement slab floor with sunlight peering in the windows in the bay door and the skylights overhead. But if you look a little closer and apply just a splash of imagination, you’d see what I saw as I stood there and took this picture. You’d see a couple of Tiny Houses sitting side by side. One looks like a traditional northwest craftsman style house and the other like a miniature version of the red barns that sprinkled the landscape of Whatcom County [Read More]

Sure, You Can Call Me Tiny Kurt

Ever since I was 20 years old with a year of college to finish, I’ve been getting up Monday through Friday, throwing on a shirt and tie and heading into the office. 27 years of sales and marketing for 3 companies. As I reflect on my career journey, I realize how much of my life has been shaped by my work experiences – skills gained and lessons learned, successes and failures, friendships and hardships. At the heart of it all was the basic desire to provide for my family. Through the people who put their trust in me to do [Read More]