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Park Model RV: The Pilchuck
The Rio - THOW
Travel Trailer: The Rio


Tiny Houses have been popularized by a host of television shows that highlight the fun and benefits of living tiny. Carriage Houses NW started building Tiny Houses in 2016 and we refined our offering to two basic categories: travel trailer tiny houses and park model tiny houses.

Travel Trailer tiny houses are built on a chassis and kept within size constraints that make them easier to transport without the need for oversize load signs and permits, pilot cars and professional transport companies. They are typically under 8’ 6” wide, 30’ long and 13’ 6” tall. Our travel trailer size tiny house is The Rio.

Park Model tiny houses are also built on a chassis and can be up to 399’ square feet in size and typically exceed the size limitations of travel trailer tiny houses. Our park model tiny house The Pilchuck is 10’ wide, up to 30’ long and approximately 14’ tall.

Our tiny house models meet rigorous safety and build standards. They leave our facility with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industry’s RV insignia, a certification that is recognized in all 50 states.

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