Sure, You Can Call Me Tiny Kurt

Ever since I was 20 years old with a year of college to finish, I’ve been getting up Monday through Friday, throwing on a shirt and tie and heading into the office. 27 years of sales and marketing for 3 companies. As I reflect on my career journey, I realize how much of my life has been shaped by my work experiences – skills gained and lessons learned, successes and failures, friendships and hardships. At the heart of it all was the basic desire to provide for my family. Through the people who put their trust in me to do my job well and God’s unfathomable faithfulness, I have been able to do that.


Recently, and not unlike many men of a certain age, I began to ask myself, ‘What do I really want to do when I grow up?’ As I have ‘matured’ I have developed a pretty good sense of what I’m good at and what I’m not, what I enjoy and what I don’t. My desire is to match my vocation up with the things I’m good at and also enjoy. It’s one of those ideals many of us talk to our kids about, but don’t always have the good fortune of following for ourselves. So I feel incredibly fortunate to share that I have made a rather big and exciting career change into the realm of . . . Tiny Houses!

The journey really began when we started renting out our vacation home in Plain WA last summer. As the rental calendar filled out, I started looking for more opportunities to own vacation rentals. That’s when I came across the idea of buying Tiny Houses and renting them out. A Craigslist ad posted by a Tiny House building entrepreneur in Salem OR quickly lead to conversations about starting a Tiny House dealership in the greater Seattle area. And so began Carriage Houses Northwest!

Carriage Houses Northwest’s mission is to be the premier builder of Custom Cottages and Tiny Houses in the Pacific Northwest Region, partnering with our customers to fulfill your Tiny House dreams! In telling a friend about my plans to build Tiny Houses, he jokingly asked if he could start calling me Tiny Kurt. (If you know me, you know why that’s funny.) My wife and I are excited to begin this next phase. We can’t wait to start meeting with folks who are dreaming about owning a Tiny House as a home office, art or music studio, mother-in-law apartment, Airbnb rental or vacation cabin on that perfect piece of property they call their happy place. If you are one of those folks, give us a call and let’s start dreaming together! Just ask for Tiny Kurt.

8 thoughts on "Sure, You Can Call Me Tiny Kurt"

  1. Frannie says:

    Way to go Tiny Kurt!

  2. Mikie says:

    Good job Tiny Kurt!

    1. Kurt says:

      Thanks Big Mike!

  3. vanessa says:

    Exciting! good job Tiny Kurt!

  4. Peter and Mary Hintze says:

    This is awesome! So excited for this new journey, Kurt..and also, We want one! May be a few years for us budget-wise, but what a perfect vacation house idea!

  5. Sparkwah says:

    Awesome, Kurt!

  6. Chrystal Lanning says:

    Kurt I will give you the respect you deserve, I will call you Mr. Tiny. Mike’s not so big anymore do to his dieting. I love your story and your enthusiasm, as well as you and Frannie, and pray for God’s blessings on your new endeavor. You are awesome and can do anything you set your mind on. You go big guy! xo

  7. Kurt says:

    Thank you everyone! We’re very excited about the new journey.

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