Been inspired to help your neighbor this year?

Contribute to a tiny shelter build.

We Had a Vision 20 • 20 • 20

In 2017, we organized volunteers to join us as we partnered with Seattle’s Low Income Housing Institute and built tiny houses for the new encampments in the Georgetown neighborhood.

A Community Model for Developing Transitional Homeless Housing

GOAL: develop portable cottage housing units on donated/ designated land to tangibly address local homeless housing needs.

This was a not-for-profit outreach opportunity for individuals, organizations, churches, or youth groups to serve and impact the homeless in our community. 35+ volunteers raised funds and assembled cottage-housing units provided by us, Carriage Houses Northwest. This simple fundraising model successfully raised the cost of materials for four cottage housing units and we built them in one Saturday!


20 Volunteers

Sponsored by 20 Friends

Give $20 Each

You can have an amazing impact on your local community and work towards eradicating the homeless epidemic. Here’s how:

  • 20 volunteers enlist sponsors to raise money needed for building costs
  • Those same volunteers build 4 cottages for the homeless on one Saturday
  • Volunteer teams will have pre-fabricated kit components which are easy to assemble – NO construction EXPERIENCE required
  • Volunteer supervisors and skilled tradesmen will be on site
  • Professional local electricians will complete the interiors


Click HERE to donate online now. Please mark all donations with Carriage Houses NW in the comments field. All donations are tax deductible.

When you have a moment, watch this short video about the Low Income Housing Institute’s innovative Tiny House Initiative.

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