January 2021 Newsletter

Carriage Houses

A New Year

Throughout the month of January, we’ve continued to work on several different projects, including the Orting Veterans Village, a home remodel that includes a DADU built on-site in the backyard, and 2 additional backyard cottages – one DADU and one custom-model designed by an architect (see photos below).

Custom designed backyard cottage
Custom-designed backyard cottage

Seattle Award-Winning Pre-Approved DADU

Seattle Award-Winning Pre-Approved DADU
MADADU Design by Magellan Architects

Carriage Houses NW obtained an exclusive agreement with esteemed architectural firm Magellan Architects to build backyard cottages and tiny houses. Magellan is a Bellevue-based firm whose MADADU design was a winner in the City of Seattle’s DADU design contest. As a result of the win, that floor plan is pre-approved by the city, which results in a quicker permitting process.

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If you are a City of Seattle resident, check out this website – ADUniverse. It contains lots of great information about backyard cottages, which are known legally as Detatched Accessory Dwelling Units or DADUs. There are 10 pre-approved cottage designs which can be fast-tracked for approval and construction.

Orting Veteran’s Village Updates

CHNW just began building the floors for the last five tiny homes for the Orting Veterans Village (Check out this great time-lapse video that one of our employees, Daniel, took of him and another employee, Blake, working on the floors). We are also in the process of completing a few more of the tiny homes. On-site, Buchanan General Contracting Company has been working on finishing out the inside of the Community Building. A walking path is being laid that will connect the homes and the community building together, and landscaping is being done. It takes a village to build a village! Everything is coming together and the power will be on soon. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Orting Veteran’s Village Updates

Want to know more about the Orting Veterans Village? Come to the digital open house and ask staff questions!

Date and Time:
Wed, February 10, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM PST


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