We built tiny home shelters + mobile hygiene units

What have we been up to? So many new and exciting builds, ventures, and projects that we will be rolling out soon, as well as more of the same! We’ve placed homes in signature locations, as well as in “mom’s back yard,” we’re building a tiny house hotel, and we’ve partnered with a seasoned local builder, Buddy Building Systems, for several special projects. You will be able to see these products in several homeless encampments throughout the greater Seattle area. With Darrel and Gary Potter, of Buddy Building Systems, we have designed and built new tiny shelters and mobile hygiene units using their unique (patented) system of metal extrusions with sip panels for sturdier and longer-lasting shelters and mobile hygiene units. We have enjoyed working with the Low Income Housing Institute this spring and last. For some shelters, we organized volunteers and their fundraising in order to assist them to build several shelters on site at the Georgetown encampment.