The Empty Warehouse

It’s easy to look at the picture below and see an empty warehouse. Bare walls, empty office, clean cement slab floor with sunlight peering in the windows in the bay door and the skylights overhead. But if you look a little closer and apply just a splash of imagination, you’d see what I saw as I stood there and took this picture. You’d see a couple of Tiny Houses sitting side by side. One looks like a traditional northwest craftsman style house and the other like a miniature version of the red barns that sprinkled the landscape of Whatcom County [Read More]

Sure, You Can Call Me Tiny Kurt

Ever since I was 20 years old with a year of college to finish, I’ve been getting up Monday through Friday, throwing on a shirt and tie and heading into the office. 27 years of sales and marketing for 3 companies. As I reflect on my career journey, I realize how much of my life has been shaped by my work experiences – skills gained and lessons learned, successes and failures, friendships and hardships. At the heart of it all was the basic desire to provide for my family. Through the people who put their trust in me to do [Read More]