February 2022 Newsletter

Seattle Home & Garden Show

Come by during the opening weekend of the home show to check out “The Rio” Tiny House on Wheels and meet Pedro Castro, owner of Magellan Architects

Show Details:


$15 adults, $10 seniors (60+), $9 military, $3 juniors (7-15), under 7 free. Purchasers of E-tickets also receive $5 parking for Seattle Home Show at Lumen Field Event Center Parking Garage and Mariner’s Parking Garage. E-tickets are brought to you by BECU and Aqua Quip. One-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens  with ticket purchase.


Saturdays and Sundays: 10am – 6pm

Monday – Friday: 11am – 5pm


Lumen Field Event Center 1000 Occidental Avenue South (between Safeco Field and Lumen Field)
 Tickets and additional information about the home show can be found here

The Magellan Backyard Cottage

Magellan is an award-winning architectural firm in Redmond WA whose detached accessory dwelling unit (backyard cottage) won the City of Seattle’s DADU design contest. As a result, the floor plan is pre-approved by the city, resulting in a quicker permitting process. We’re working closely with Magellan owner Pedro Castro on a build-out at our workshop and can’t wait to invite you in to experience it for yourself! 

Learn more about Magellan on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions, continued:

We love the tiny living community and are so excited that there is such an interest and demand in tiny homes. Because we are fortunate enough to get to talk to so many awesome people every day, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of frequently asked questions we are asked to share both here and on our blog. With that said, here are 3 new FAQ’s we’ve put together for your information.

-How long does it take to build a Tiny House on Wheels and a Tiny House on Foundation?

Under normal circumstances, it will take us about 3 months to build a unit from start to finish for a Tiny House on Wheels and 4-5 months for a Tiny House on Foundation but right now we’re dealing with product delays from our suppliers that increase those time frames to 5-6 months and 7-8 months for the THOWs and THOFs respectively. We are brainstorming internally on how we can get ahead of those delays, but it’s an ever-evolving process so assume these time frames will continue.

Those timelines don’t include any permitting or specialized customization work that could need to be done which can add an additional 3-6 months for either depending on the jurisdiction and degree of customizations needed. If you are in need of something faster, we can discuss ways of how that would be possible, but it would have to be on a case by case basis and we can’t promise any particular time frame currently. Either way, reach out to us at info@chnwbuilds.com and we will get back to you to help start nail down a time frame to get you into a beautiful tiny home!

-Can I put (insert your favorite brand/type of appliance or fixture) in the tiny house?

In most cases, yes! Only certain types of units are required to have particular types and styles of appliances or other fixtures and we can absolutely look into anything specific you might want. Some people have come to us with cabinets that they have had for years in anticipation of building or buying a tiny house that we have used or a favorite style of range, refrigerator, or even bathtub that we have been able to incorporate into their homes. Reach out to us at info@chnwbuilds.com and we would be happy to discuss what you’re hoping to include in your house!

-Do you offer financing?

Currently, we do not offer financing through the company directly but can potentially work with you on a payment schedule over the course of a build which would usually include about 10% down and 30% progress payments with the final payment being due upon delivery.

If you still need financing, we can help you work with your preferred or current bank or credit union on how to get financing for a project with us. We are also working to partner with one or more local or regional banks that might be able to help people get a tiny house financed. Keep a lookout for updates from us in future social media or blog posts and newsletters!

FAQs included in our previous newsletter:

-Where can I legally place a tiny house?
-How big can they be?
-How much do tiny houses cost?


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